2022.01.24 17:42 lss_bvt_ios_05 TextPost-63596

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2022.01.24 17:42 RLtrad3z [PS4] [H] bundles [W] tw octane rlcs

I have meny offers

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2022.01.24 17:42 william_fuller_41 I need some ideas

So I set up the poll and some want a nia jax discord so I need some ideas cause I'm thinking of making it so please suggest some stuff to add to it and to have in it please.
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2022.01.24 17:42 hullopalooza They fear us.

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2022.01.24 17:42 Hour-of-the-Wolf Sheep Shack | X-H1, 18-55mm

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2022.01.24 17:42 ababyinlabour Thank you all for your help with my last post! I tried to address all of your crits and here is where I ended up.

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2022.01.24 17:42 hypnicfractal Is there a philosophical justification within the Capital (or elsewhere) for the theory of value?

Hope my question makes sense.
Halfway through the Capital I have a hard time evaluating what I’ve red so far. As someone without much prior economical knowledge, I have no idea whatsover how to judge Marx’ value theory, especially with regards to surplus value of labour. It is presented as a something just kind of happening and isn’t justified philosophically in a satisfiying way (for me), as if Marx looked at the world and economical phenomena and somehow deduced that value exists, and is produced by labour, and that capital emerges through surplus labour.
I was expecting more, some groundwork or basis, some justification of his theory, that explains to the reader why it’s necessary or correct to understand economy this way. But at chapter eleven I still don’t know what to think of his theory. It is not that I don’t understand how it functions, but I don’t know why it is more useful or preferable to others. I don’t know how this way of looking at things is in any way better than others or even how I could find out.
To me, it feels like a formula that relates logically, but there’s no reason given why this formula is preferable to others or what relationship it has with "the truth".
My co-readers tell me that todays mainstream economists view things completely different, so that you cannot even compare the two. How then, as a laymen, should I form an opinion in this area? What’s the basis? Especially from a philosophical standpoint?
Maybe there’s something I’m missing, maybe I should read other texts by Marx or secondary literature. I hope my question isn’t too open and I would appreciate any advice or help on how to approach the Capital and Marxist theory in general. Should I go on reading, even if it feels tedious and pointless now?
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2022.01.24 17:42 TheosRW Concept Banner for Sequel Era “Neo-Separatist”.

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2022.01.24 17:42 Cheesywiggle Diamond Dominion

Join our discord and fill out a simple 3 question application.

😎 | Sense of Community

🤖 | Plugins
Hope to see you here :D
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2022.01.24 17:42 manchest-hair-united Wellllll it kinda is?

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2022.01.24 17:42 LucidFir eCOPR confirmed. These are the mistakes I made, what I wish I knew in hindsight, as a European skilled immigrant.

I hope this is useful. Basically a little more reading before I ever came to the country and I could have had residency about a year earlier...

  1. Get your police clearances early. I was asked for police clearance from a country I'd only spent 2 months in.
  2. Don't take anything for granted. I did 9 months of self employed seasonal work before realising it didn't count towards Canadian Experience Class.
  3. Don't stress too much, the system is fucking dogshit but: I was given a deadline of April to get my employer compliance fee, but never saw the email until July. I got the fee paid in August and received the work permit extension in October. I'm sure that they could have kicked me out of the country if they'd been having a bad day.
  4. The terms of the PNP are enough hours per month but they don't actually immediately revoke your support if you don't get enough hours for some reason - but they'll never tell you this!
Enter Canada on working holiday February 2019. Do a 3 month local trade course (I probably should have checked if that counted for anything points wise) Do 4.5 months full time employment May - September Go into self employed seasonal work in September 2019, do that until May 2020. Use E.I. for 2 months. Talk to a lawyer who has no clue how to help me. Start more full time work end of July 2020. Talk to a lawyer who has no clue how to help me September 2020. Apply PNP October 2020, having realised that I won't have enough time for CEC by February 2021. (I would be on 11 months. Number of hours per month is irrelevant, they want to see hours per week because the bureaucracy is stupid). Get PNP November 2021. (I'm on 1050 points) Get ITA and apply 16 December 2021.
See a requirement for police clearance from country A. Apply for it thinking it will be no issue. Get given a deadline of February to get that police clearance.
Get rejected January 12, 2021 (I have 23 days until working holiday expires so cue panic).
I got rejected because I had what I thought was my country B police clearance my mislabeled, it was actually a different copy of my other country C police clearance. So I got rejected as incomplete.
I would also have been rejected as incomplete for multiple missing signatures, addresses, and phone numbers from my ridiculously long list of employers, having been self employed and needing proofs from anyone that paid me.
It turns out I would eventually have been rejected as incomplete for country A police clearance, as that didn't arrive until May.
I thought the work permit support letter let me be here so I focused on getting reinvited. Apply for work permit extension 6 days after work permit expired (THIS DOES NOT WORK) - luckily I had already applied for a work permit extension when I got my ITA (and forgot in the panic) and so had implied status from that. Got an email at the end of January about the valid work permit extension application asking for employer compliance fee and telling me that I had until April 8 to get that done or the application would be invalid and I therefore wouldn't have implied status.
I think I got the next ITA before my work permit expired, but confusion was reigning - it was the work permit extension that actually mattered and luckily I had one already...
This second attempt at express entry PNP supported PR application decided I needed a police clearance from country D. I didn't get this until July 16, I was given a deadline of July 18 on May 18 to get this completed.
Throughout this whole time I'm constantly emailing the PNP support trying to find out what they actually require from a supporting employer. I was hung up on the idea that they might withdraw support if my employer didn't provide enough hours. Apparently this doesn't really matter, as long as there is a contract saying that the employer intends to give you full time hours and usually does it's no drama. I had 6 months of about 100 hours of employment... They never gave a straight answer, only ever the cookie cutter response. I would ask "what happens if I don't get enough hours" they would say "you need to get enough hours". Really crappy support, but a thousand times better than the federal...
In July I contacted the PNP support about my work permit extension status, and they called me because they saw my second pointless application and freaked me out. Luckily I had the other one! It took over a month to get the employer compliance fee paid because the IRCC website is terrible and broken.
So, end of July I get the application completed and submitted.
End of August I get my work permit extension application completed and submitted (6 months late).
In October I got the work permit extension (valid until January 2022, but now I'm a pro so I got the next application set up)
About a week or 2 ago I got the email about confirmation of permanent residency.
I got the eCOPR today 🙂
I'll get the PR card sometime between now and May?
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2022.01.24 17:42 Sufficient-Fortune19 Beler ablam la annem konuşurken duydum ablam sanırım elbise alacakmış ama vicud ölçüsünü almayı bilmiyormuş bilen varsa yardımcı olabilirmi nasil alınacağını bilen yazsin

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2022.01.24 17:42 Negativeghostrider57 Is it just me or does it seem like distilled water is extra hard to find lately.

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2022.01.24 17:42 Regular_Insect_2994 I left my sister and her boyfriend while on a hike cause the boyfriend kept asking me why I didn't do something that they did. Was it right for me to turn and leave?

So I was staying with my sister at her house for a while due to depression and other life issues that I was having at the time. I wanted to try and find a new job and bond with my sis who was living in another state.
Me my sis, her boyfriend, and her dog decided to all go out on a hike in a park nearby. we came to a part of a trail that goes by a river. It looked like it was about 20ft down from the path and they decided they wanted to climb down the rocks to it and walk along the path. Once down there they ask me to join them. I decline. I didn't really want to go down there and decided to take pictures and follow along from above on the path. Everything seemed fine it was a nice walk, but as soon as the boyfriend came up from the river he starts questioning me why I didn't follow them. 'Was I supposed to follow?' I thought. 'Am I wrong? Was I afraid??? I don't know???' I can't speak, my mind starts racing. He keeps pressing me. I'm getting overwhelmed, and I start thinking back to a triggering moment, where I should have left but didn't, and I'm about to break down. I decide to turn away and continue to walk down the path. I hear him chuckle as I leave and turn to my sis to question her. I don't know if it was the right thing to do to leave them like that.
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2022.01.24 17:42 RubenV03 What is this stuff, its growing in dlthe corners of the tank and on the thermometer (is it dangeroes for my betta and shrimp ?)

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2022.01.24 17:42 LOCtheLabel A lot of stuff going on in this one

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2022.01.24 17:42 angladi I went fishing for salmon 

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2022.01.24 17:42 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russia-ukraine-nato-united-states-fear-war/

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2022.01.24 17:42 NotWolfBeard Kill me ✝️✝️✝️

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2022.01.24 17:42 SWFL-Aviation Is flying for me? I'm starting to think no...

Today was a big day for me. My check ride. Well, my stage-check ride. I was so confident. I studied my material. My flying skillz paid the bills. But mostly the bills were paid from my ridge wallet. I'm just trying to sound cool and impress you.
Oral went well. I didn't gag once. I'm starting to think I didn't need all that extra practice in my CFI's car because my check ride examiner was a girl. Flying went well up until the very end. This is where it all goes crashing down towards the earth, like a 1940's Taylor craft without it's Trevor.
Airport tower Skyhawk 69420 number 2 cleared for the option.
Cleared for the option skycock 69420.
I landed on the runway and did a stop and go.
Rotation speed and now I'm 50 feet in the air and I get this little message:
He gave me a number to call. I told him I wasn't ready to copy and that I was flying. Next pass I decided to make it a full stop cuz he was maaaaad. But the weather deteriorated. Thank God for the secondary minimums at the airport or I would have never made it back.
Is flying for me? I don't think I can do this anymore. My dpe failed me because of the stop and go. I don't think I can afford more lessons. I already paid ATP 90,000 dollars.
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2022.01.24 17:41 ApexPredator1995 FIRST TIME FUT and got to DIV 1!!!

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2022.01.24 17:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/24/politics/biden-troops-europe/index.html

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2022.01.24 17:41 GloryboyMafia Slideshow option is greyed out for stock wallpapers ?

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2022.01.24 17:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews - https://insiderpaper.com/russian-ukranian-officials-to-meet-in-paris-macron-aide/

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2022.01.24 17:41 OozingRectumFeast Anyone have a Metallica at Slane poster and willing to sell? Ireland or UK based.

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