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🔥 38,943,727,147 DOBO has been burned in the last 24 hours 🔥

2022.01.24 16:30 BONKWATCH 🔥 38,943,727,147 DOBO has been burned in the last 24 hours 🔥

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 In the last 24 hours... # DOBO Burned: 38,943,727,147
# Value at current price: $1,421.17
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2022.01.24 16:30 crookedmook Can I make dice in a condo?

I've been looking into getting dice making equipment, but I live in a condo. My biggest logistical concern is the noise. If I get a pressure pot, will it be noisy the whole time it's pressurized? Or is it only loud for a few minutes when it's gaining pressure? On another note, how much ventilation is needed to use resin safely indoors? My condo is small, but I have access to a large art room and plenty of outdoor space. It would be easiest to do it in my condo, of course, but I have pets and I'm not the only one living here, so I know I should be careful.
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2022.01.24 16:30 miumitann Do you agree that ugly looking people are one of the main causes of Yukiko's problems?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 16:30 azvkp 3 Bedroom | 2 Bath | 1198 SqFt. | Phoenix | Spacious 3x2 Apartment near Route 51 | Located on the east side of Phoenix, these apartments offer residents a community near Tower Plaza Mall, East Camelback Road, and Route 51. Comfort and convenience come together to create an oasis for you to call h...

3 Bedroom | 2 Bath | 1198 SqFt. | Phoenix | Spacious 3x2 Apartment near Route 51 | Located on the east side of Phoenix, these apartments offer residents a community near Tower Plaza Mall, East Camelback Road, and Route 51. Comfort and convenience come together to create an oasis for you to call h... submitted by azvkp to azapartments [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:30 shitcoining2themoon Always remember!

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2022.01.24 16:30 -TheProfessor- ИПБ определи АМ “Хемус“ като високорискова, не отговаря на стандартите

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2022.01.24 16:30 Ladida977 I know what to do but I don’t know how

Hey guys, today is a weird day. It’s one of those days after a “break up” when you feel empty inside. I thought this person was going to be my person, or at least I WANTED them to be my person. We dated in 2015 but were on and off because he had commitment issues. He’d always come back and say that I was the one for him and blah blah blah. We finally dated again in 2021 after a year of not speaking to each other… I thought we had grown up, but we ran into some issues again. He proved to be a better partner than before, but he ultimately had the final say and broke up with me in December of 2021. We continued to hang out afterwards, but without the bf and gf title. Although, he kept calling me pet names and continued to treat me like a gf. This weekend, I looked through his phone and saw that he had tinder and bumble downloaded. I asked him about it and to give a little backstory: (he’s been filming YouTube videos and plans to make one of him teaching random people how to ride a motorcycle — he even bought a small bike that would be easy to teach on). So his response was that he’s trying to find girls to teach on the bike. I obviously called bullshit because he’s one of the biggest flirts I know and I know this is not the way to go about recruiting people for his videos. I guess my question is: how exactly do I move forward? Especially after years of on and off toxicity? It’s hard because I thought he had changed, but he obviously hasn’t. Makes me wonder if everything we’ve ever been through was a lie. How do you let go of an attachment to someone? I am struggling
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2022.01.24 16:30 Mostafa-Eldeeb This kayn skin got a discount.. i have 1350 RP should i get that skin with that discount or night bringer with all the rp i have ? Which one is better ?

This kayn skin got a discount.. i have 1350 RP should i get that skin with that discount or night bringer with all the rp i have ? Which one is better ? submitted by Mostafa-Eldeeb to KaynMains [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 16:30 DMTViynl Giving this a go through, had sampled. Content is wonderful, has a very mellow sound, as if cut on an all tube system. Great live performance.

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2022.01.24 16:30 Additional-Guard-211 People with ASD and foreign languages.

I have worked with children for about 6 years now, and I am also confidant in my own self diagnosis also.
In my observations over those years, there is one specific observation that has always bugged me.
Are people with a diagnosis of ASD more likely to like reading and/or listening too foreign languages?
I have met quite a few children now where this seems to the case. Has anyone else spotted this or am I drawing inference from nothing?
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2022.01.24 16:30 headfirst308 Lol nah fr niggas be doing too much 😂

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2022.01.24 16:30 somethingrandom234 Display work around?

So I have a laptop with a ‘USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C’ port. It is described from the symbol next to the port as a usb type-c without video output. Therefore I now understand why my docking station will not show video output when connected to my laptop. Is there any way I can work around this? I would like to get this laptop working with my docking station so alternating between laptops is an easy task. ASUS Zenbook 15 UX534 if that info is useful.
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2022.01.24 16:30 Greedy_Nobody_502 Some odd pieces, anyone recognize thank you

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2022.01.24 16:30 Mr_Sigmundo Quick question on Chargers: When to use which one?

Hi everybody, new guy here. I was wondering since you have 2 chargers, when to use each one of them. Should I use the big one during night and the other usb type for fast charging?
What are your thoughts on this?
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2022.01.24 16:30 I-haveit-together what do you do on weekend nights

for the past five plus years of my life, i have been drinking (more than likely to the point of blacking out) every weekend night. i’m really trying to get out of this. i hate feeling like my weekends are ruined by being so hungover, tired, & unproductive. since i’m in such habit of drinking i’m being honest when i say idk what else to do that i will find productive that doesn’t involve anything triggering me to drink. any suggestions?
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2022.01.24 16:30 mountain-kid Boyfriend just went from *employee* to *employer*, and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Upon him purchasing and taking over the business that he’s worked for for the last two decades, he is now paying his employees more than he had ever himself been paid.
And because he a a frugal mf with his own money, he hasn’t given himself a raise even though he easily could—so he’s paying himself less than his employees, because he “doesn’t need the money”.
Business is BOOMING! Like, super booming—he has the ability to make more money than the vast majority of folks that I know. Like, if he wanted to, he could probably pocket over $700K this year from net profits.
But for now, he is figuring out a raise/bonus system for his employees, organizing appreciation events for his vendors, and trying to figure out how to get some health benefits set up for the folks that work for him—something that this company has never done.
Don’t worry—he is going to sit down with a finance person and figure out how to put money away for retirement, so he’s not purposefully screwing himself over.
I’ve always known that my boyfriend is a good man, but I think being an employer like this says a lot about the kind of person you are. I’m just so proud.
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2022.01.24 16:30 a_real_cool_user [USA] Instant free $10 from Landa for depositing just $1

Hey everyone. Landa is a real estate investing start up that allows you to invest in real estate properties with as little as $1. Right now they are offering a promotion where you can get a free $10 just by signing up and depositing any amount (minimum $1). I haven't seen a lot of people talk about this app yet and I think it's pretty great.
Get your $10:

  1. Sign up on mobile with my link: https://landa.app/redirect?url=referral?code=VICTOR5817
  2. Open an account and enter promo code VICTOR5817 if prompted
  3. Complete KYC checks and link a bank
  4. Deposit $1
  5. Get your free $10 from Landa!
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2022.01.24 16:30 GasEnough Do these two logos look similar?

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2022.01.24 16:30 Paulinapeak1 I heard you all dueling so I got you all snacks to eat while we watch

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2022.01.24 16:30 goodtimeshaxor [H] Paypal [W] Amazon GC Best Buy Etsy Steam Macy's Apple Xbox Neiman iTunes Ikea Sephora More+

Desktop Users: Comment on this post and Click here to start a trade with me. PM me, DO NOT USE CHAT OR I WILL DECLINE YOUR MESSAGE App Users, please include the following in your PM.

  1. Type of card(s) and amount of each. Are they physical or eCodes?
  2. Why were the GC(s) purchased in the first place and why you're getting rid of it
  3. Confirm that you agree to all my terms of trade and are abiding by the GCX community rules
Want** ↓ CashRate ↓
Amazon GC up to 85%
Costco* 85%
Kroger* 80%
Trader Joe's* 80%
Neiman Marcus 80%
Etsy 75%
Dell 75%
Abercrombie 75%
Sephora 75%
GameStop 70%
EndClothing 70%
Ssense 70%
Amazon Balance 70%
Blizzard Battle.net 70%
Best Buy 70%
Ikea 70%
Sam's Club 70%
Five Guys* 70%
Apple 65%
Walmart 65%
Steam 65%
Whole Foods 65%
iTunes/App Store 60%
Xbox 60%
Microsoft 60%
Verizon 60%
Home Depot 60%
Newegg 60%
Target 60%
Nike 60%
Dick's 60%
Groupon 60%
Everlane 60%
Macys 55%
Nintendo eShop 55%
Container Store 50%
Nordstrom 50%
GrubHub 50%
PacSun 50%
Urban Outfitters 50%
Lululemon 50%
Staples 50%
Hulu 50%
Adidas 50%
Ulta 50%
J.Crew 50%
Google Play 50%
Barnes & Noble 50%
Papa Johns 50%
Burger King 50%
Dunkin Donuts 50%
Sunglass Hut 50%
Chic-Fil-A 50%
Zappos 50%
Panera Bread 45%
Panda Express 40%
Chipotle 45%
Buffalo Wild Wings 45%
Subway 40%
Forever21 40%
McDonald's* 40%
Pizza Hut 40%
Domino's 50%
Starbucks 40%
H&M 35%
Fandango 35%
Regal 35%
Gap/BOld Navy 25%
Spotify (Not promo code) 40%
Clothing/Fashion Up to 85%
Restaurants Up to 80%
Other (PM me) Up to 90%
Strike, Cash App, and BTC (LN) available to HIGHLY reputable traders and/or at LOWER rates. PM to discuss
*These gift cards must be physically shipped. Payment will be sent after GCs are in hand. Costco accepted without shipping but at lower rates.
Currently not interested in the following: Any non-US gift card, AMC, Sports League Stores (NBA/NFL/etc), Lowe's, Kohl's, JCPenny, Applebee's, Cabella's, Restaurant.com, Zara, Marshall's, Jamba Juice, Tilly's, Darden, Vineyard Vines, Brookestone, Netflix, Burlington, Hot Topic, Belk, Hibbett
TRADE TERMS GCXRep Profiles: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7****
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2022.01.24 16:30 Extreme_Homework7936 Jessica Frances Dukes on Ozark’s Dark Final Season

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2022.01.24 16:30 erer1243 Currently, it's January 24, 2022 at 02:30PM

Currently, it's January 24, 2022 at 02:30PM
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2022.01.24 16:30 TornApartByLisa There's always a tweet

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2022.01.24 16:29 Aromatic-Storm-5674 LF: Pokerus

Hi. Is there anyone that can gift me a Pokémon with Pokerus? Thank you in advance.
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2022.01.24 16:29 AnyDragonfruit7 Most powerful wombo-combo

What have you found to be the most powerful single hero wombo combo and/or double hero wombo combo. Both quantitatively (total dps) and qualitatively (including CC and ability to stop counter dps). Wide open topic 🤓
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