SmallCap Recap for Monday, 1/24/2022

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2022.01.24 16:22 channelchek SmallCap Recap for Monday, 1/24/2022

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2022.01.24 16:22 Tall_Leg_4718 Just a short example

I had to convince my mom for an hour to let me ride my bike and she finally let me. I didn't hear my phone because I was listening to music but my dad is pissed off bc I didn't hear the phone. That was the last time I was aloud to ride a bike by myself. Just because I didn't hear my phone like wtf
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2022.01.24 16:22 Impawsibles A Dragoon commission! (@Impawsibles)

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2022.01.24 16:22 liamgosss SLOW and GENTLE Lid Sounds, Tapping & Crinkles Assortment (Whispered) [Intentional]

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2022.01.24 16:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#129|+2894|257] Cute baby monkey and little fucks sharing a watermelon. [r/aww]

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2022.01.24 16:22 NoSandbox How to write great product descriptions in Shopify

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2022.01.24 16:22 Carbondiary After shower effect...

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2022.01.24 16:22 fulltaynk '07 Silverado Classic, No Oil Pressure! Engine Slapping, Help

I just did an oil change on my 2007 Silverado Classic 5.3 and now it has no oil pressure. The motor is making a slapping sound as well which would happen sometimes then go away after a few seconds, but now it's not going away. I used an ACdelco filter and everything is tight.
Do you think the engine is now toast? It wouldn't surprise me because it does have a sludge buildup issue and has been using oil, but it seems weird that it would happen during an oil change. Any opinions appreciated thanks!
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2022.01.24 16:22 bakhesh The Unbelievable Truth - Series 27 - Episode 3 - BBC Sounds

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2022.01.24 16:22 bridgeb0mb advice on how to contact/speak to a landlord?

i still live at home with parents and other family. theyre not good people and it is awful to live here. really bad for my mental health. ive been wanting to move an hour away to a city where my sister and several friends live. they all really want me to move there. this has been the plan for the past year or 2.
im really bad at applying for apartments and talking to landlords. i am so awkward and nervous and feel like i don't deserve things. i assume everyone can tell im always super scared and that i must seem untrustworthy bc of it.
ive gone to apartment showings before but i will be so nervous i don't really follow through with anything. i feel like the landlord will always pick someone other than me.
in the city my sister lives in, our one friend is moving out of her a studio apartment in this one building that has about 6-8 apartments. i haven't been to her studio apartment specifically, but i have been to the building bc i used to visit another friend who used to live in one of the apartments there as well (not a studio tho). i also have another friend currently living at another property this landlord owns down the road from this building.
my sistefriends keep telling me to apply for this studio apartment my friend is moving out of. the only problem is right now i am currently unemployed for the first time in a few years. i worked somwhere for 2 years but had to spontaneously quit recently bc the new management was harrassing me. my sistefriends say i should try anyway, and ask the landlord if i could come to a viewing or apply. they said to tell him i have my 3 friends who could be references.
i also could get a job faster once i live up there. my sistefriends have job offers for me. they all want me to work with them.
is it worth it to talk to the landlord? im so nervous and idk what to say in situations like this. i am so awkward. my friends told me to text bc he prefers text apparentally. ill say in the text that im down for a phone call if he wants to, but i will be SO nervous if he calls. i would be so grateful for any advice would
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2022.01.24 16:22 throwmeaway0374 what kind of haircut should I get?

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2022.01.24 16:22 achebeeargh F18+ - What's your favorite fruit? 🍑

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2022.01.24 16:22 chromebookssucks best wings videos

hey y’all, new to watching richard. always been a casual fan so i have to ask what are the best videos of richie. also i have a second question, what are the best 2017 or just peak wings content
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2022.01.24 16:22 Hakunamatator I gave a friend MoL as a hardcover for his wedding. He loved it.

I gave a friend MoL as a hardcover for his wedding. He loved it. I recommended it to him (lives in another country) when the story was about halfway done. Since then every couple of weeks one of us would text the other "New chapter!", and after both have finished reading it, we would discuss the newest developments and theories. It was amazing! Since we have bonded so much about the book, I decided to give him that, along a copy of HPMOR, which he also read upon my recommendation, and also loved.
Thought you would like this littlle story.
(I realized too late, that I have a typo on the cover of the first book ...)
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2022.01.24 16:22 Hkmd02 Age 32, got my first fullface today, and to top it off, one of my clients gifted my a brand new pair of Oakleys! (Too bad we just got a fresh foot-deep layer of snow today though)

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2022.01.24 16:22 BrickProfessional630 Guesses for the initials JP?

My SIL just shared the initials of their baby due in Feb: JP. My husband and I are each going to submit a guess for a bet, and I could use some help with ideas expanding beyond combinations of John/James and PetePaul.
Some background: my brother is Irish American and name his preferences reflect that. My SIL likes names that aren’t too out there nor too popular. Their toddler’s name fits those descriptors (think “Connor”).
She said they might call the baby JP as a nickname so I could see the J name being more common than she preferred. Or maybe because it’s “John” and we already have a John in the family? Then again that could just be what she likes: she calls my nephew by his first initial.
No real possibilities for honor names for either letter.
My husband’s guess is “John Paul” but I think the papal association is too strong. Anyone care to venture a guess?
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2022.01.24 16:22 EarlGrayTeaBeard Flag of my personal ideology (communal collectivism)

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2022.01.24 16:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#52|+5491|283] Enterprise dings woman who rented truck on sunny day more than $5,500 for hail damage [r/nottheonion]

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2022.01.24 16:22 Mynewsify-Website Reece Topley embraces the pressure in overdue return to T20I colours, Cricket news from ESPN

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2022.01.24 16:22 cambionic [FOR SALE] Selling most of my collection WITH BIG DISCOUNTS

I'm liquidating a large majority of my collection because I'm super broke and desperately trying to make it as a starving artist. I've been selling here for a while and decided to knock off even more from the price!
I'm matching below Discogs lowest current US sale price of similar grading. All records are shipped securely in a Whiplash mailer, outside of the sleeve (if opened), with mofi inners and 3mil poly outers. Shipping $5 in US for any amount of records. Orders over $40 get insurance included. First come, first serve (no "dibs" without payment).
I've had a few people offer Venmo and bank transfer, but I only accept Paypal for US buyers. I typically don't ship internationally except for certain exceptions.
Now, onto the good stuff:

BARGAIN BIN (Up to $20 each)
Acid Witch – To Magic, Sex And Gore (NM-/NM-) $15
Adrian Younge Con Ghostface Killah – Dodici Ragioni Per Morire (Strumentale) (NM-/NM-) $15
Apolo – Live In Stockholm (NM-/NM-) $10
Arre! Arre! – Tell Me All About Them (NM-/NM-) $15
Autopsy – Mauled To Death (2012 Unmastered Version) (VG+/NA) $5
Bee And Flower – What's Mine Is Yours (NM-/NM-) $14
Big Brother & The Holding Company – Cheap Thrills (VG/VG) $6
Billy Andrusco And The Hollywood Hits Orchestra – Hollywood Hits (VG/VG) $5
Blisters – Off My Back $4
Chicano Batman – Joven Navegante (NM-/VG+) $8
Chicano Batman, Caloncho – Háblame (NM-/NM-) $15
Chromatics – I Can Never Be Myself When You're Around (NM-/NA) $10
Claw Marks – Hee Hee (NM-/NM-) $12
Closeness – Personality Therapy (NM-/NM-) $5
CocoRosie – We Are On Fire (NM-/NM-) $3
Cole Palme and Heavy Friends – Trepans Of Yore (NM-/NM-) $5
Connoisseur – Over The Edge (NM-/NM-) $8
Crappy Dracula – Almost (NM-/NM-) $5
Crappy Dracula – Fantastic Dracula (NM-/NM-) $5
Crappy Dracula – Tooo Muuuch (NM-/NM-) $5
Thee Krappy Drakula* / Farms In Trouble – White Women / Employment History "Free Refills, Steve" (NM-/NM-) $5
Dale Crover – Bad Move / Why Not? (NM-/NM-) $4
Dave Collins & Barn Jehovi – Colour Climaxx (NM-/NM-) $15
Deak Ferance / Roger Conrad – Omaggio A Joe D'Amato E Marcello Giombini (NM-/NM-) $15
Deep Shit – Creepin' While You Sleepin' (NM-/NM-) $4
Don Davis – The Matrix (Original Motion Picture Score) (NM-/NM-) $15
Dosh – Milk Money (NM-/NM-) $5
Drose – Boy Man Machine (NM-/NM-) $5
Drug Church – Drug Church (NM-/NM-) $15
Eagle Twin - The Feather Tipped The Serpent's Scale (NM-/NM-) $10
Factums – Flowers (VG+/VG+) $4
The Flaming Lips – The Terror (NM-/NM-) $20
Foreign & Domestic – Your Mountains vs. My Iceberg (NM-/NM-) $5
Gestures – Funny Games (NM-/NM-) $10
Mike* & The Melvins* – Three Men And A Baby (NM-/NM-) $15
Montibus Communitas – The Pilgrim To The Absolute (NM-/NM-) $5
Nathan Madsen & Michael Nielsen – Hot Tin Roof: The Cat That Wore A Fedora (Soundtrack) (NM-/NM-) $20
Ringworm / Child Bite – Ringworm / Child Bite (NM-/NM-) $10
Various – YM2017 (NM-/NM-) $15

THE GOOD STUFF (Between $21 and $99 each)
最後に!Welcome To The Bathroom! 2009年頃 – Welcome To The Bathroom! 公衆トイレ (NM-/NM- SEALED) $50
Alain Goraguer – La Planète Sauvage (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film) 9NM-/NM-) $55
Anal Cunt – Picnic Of Love (Nm-/NM-) $28
B.A. Johnston – B.A. Johnston Presents Gremlins III (NM-/NM-) $25
B.A. Johnston – Shit Sucks (NM-/NM-) $35
B.A. Johnston – The Skid is Hot Tonight (NM-/NM-) $55
The Blank Tapes – Covid-19 Quarantine / Isolation Blues (NM-/NM-) $25
Bloodhound Gang – Mope (NM-/NM-) $25
The Blue Square – The Blue Square (NM-/NM-) $50
The Boyd Rice Experience – Hatesville! (NM-/NM-) $25
Brahm – Ratimis (Nm-/NM-) $40
Couch Slut – Contempt (NM-/NM-) $40
David Arnold – Hot Fuzz - Original Score Composed By David Arnold (NM-/NM-) $25
El Huervo – Le Temps (NM-/NM-) $35
Forklift Operator = 叉车操作员* – Warehouse No. 1 (NM-/NM- SEALED) $50
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters... (NM-/NM-) $30
Gerhard Heinz – Catherine Cherie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (NM-/NM-) $80
Gerhard Heinz – Lolita Am Scheideweg (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (NM-/NM-) $60
Graham Coxon – The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score) (NM-/NM-) $60
Hail Mary Mallon – Are You Gonna Eat That? (NM-/NM-) $85
John Morris – The Elephant Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (NM-/NM-) $42
Ken Higgins And James Calabrese – Spookies (NM-/NM-) $25
Larry Pink The Human – Love You, Bye. / Might Delete Later (NM-/NM-) $22
Low Hums – Zzyzx (NM-/NM-) $22
Michael Andrews – Donnie Darko (Music From The Original Motion Picture Score) (NM-/NM-) $60
MonoNeon – Living The Best And Worst Life At The Same Damn Time (NM-/NM-) $60
Perry Monroe – Killing Spree (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (NM-/NM-) $25
Primus – Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble (NM-/NM-) $80
Qui w/ Trevor Dunn – Qui w/ Trevor Dunn (NM-/NM-) $22
Tenacious D – The Pick Of Destiny (NM-/NM-) $55
Various – Music From And Inspired By The Space Jam Motion Picture (NM-/NM-) $70

PRICELESS GEMS ($100+ each)
Anal Cunt – Picnic Of Love (NM-/NM-) $250
Chicano Batman – Cycles Of Existential Rhyme (NM-/NM-) $110
Cyber Club – Sensual Loops 3 (NM-/NM-) $200
Dessa – Castor, The Twin (NM-/VG+) $100
El Huervo – Vandereer (NM-/NM-) $125
Glue Trip – Glue Trip (NM-/NM-) $250
Haircuts for Men – パステル勾配 (NM-/NM-) $200
Jun Chikuma – Bomberman Hero (Original Soundtrack) (NM-/NM-) $100Trey Parker, Matt Stone, The Cast Of South Park – Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics (NM-/NM-) $120
Mindless Self Indulgence – Pink (1990-1997) (NM-/NM-) $125
Various – The Best Of Nicktoons (NM-/NM-) $125
Whourkr – Naät (NM-/NM-) $100
Whourkr – Concrete (NM-/NM-) $100
The World / Inferno Friendship Society – Addicted To Bad Ideas: Peter Lorre's Twentieth Century (NM-/NM-) $150
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2022.01.24 16:22 NoSandbox Climb Your Rank with These 8 Free Keyword Generators

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2022.01.24 16:22 sleezecp My sexy gf

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2022.01.24 16:22 WebSwiftSEO Fate

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2022.01.24 16:22 ooder4321 Actual question does Hulu have all of the og Naruto and Naruto Shippuden episodes

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2022.01.24 16:22 FrontpageWatch2020 [#19|+10055|113] *Buys every blorko comic* [r/marvelmemes]

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