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Playing To Goal

2022.01.24 17:40 Gameboyatron Playing To Goal

I had an issue in the past where the people I was playing with weren't taking the goal of the game completely seriously. I mentioned that I was upset about it, they didn't understand and kinda pushed it off like it wasn't a big deal. Got me really frustrated if I'm being honest, because everyone there seemed to think I was overreacting.
To be more exact, I was upset about the person not actively pursuing the goal. Similar to the reason king-making is frustrating, but in a different vein. They were ahead of everyone, and did little things that played against themselves to essentially give other people a better chance. Though I get that is meant to be an act of kindness, it takes out any merit in winning (for me, at least). I expect everyone to play towards the goal. It's not like I expect them to play with the best strategies of the game, just to not actively do things against their goal.
I know it was wrong of me to interrupt the fun of the game over something like that, but I stop having as much fun when the goal means nothing. I still play the game, it's not like I don't enjoy playing with friends, but if that's something that happens every game, I almost would rather just not play at all. And that SUCKS. I really want to enjoy the game as well as the company.
Is this wrong of me to be upset over? Does anyone else have this problem?
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2022.01.24 17:40 Butt-and-Byte-Wiper Advice for a new lawn

Hello! I’m a newbie to lawn care and this sub, apologies if there’s a protocol for questions I’m not aware of. I’m just looking for some advice on how to keep a new lawn that was just installed healthy and as weed free as possible. It’s a 90/10 Tall Fescue/Blue Grass in Pacifica, CA which is a cool, coastal climate. It’s in a pretty shady part of the yard under an elm tree, and I have little kids and a dog, so I’m expecting some challenges keeping it healthy. Around here, it seems that the clover takes over new lawns pretty quickly. I have a Rachio smart sprinkler controller if that’s useful info at all.
Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.24 17:40 AvailableSlide7561 How Would You Describe & Recreate The Effects in These Photos

How Would You Describe & Recreate The Effects in These Photos I like the softness and slightly vintage feel/look of these images. If I wanted to recreate this effect for a video or an image using photo shop and or Final Cut Pro X how would you advise an editing beginner do that? Any other information, similar references or video tutorials you know of would also be much appreciated. Thank you
This is my favorite one
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2022.01.24 17:40 Arnadus [AGV] Astra Guild Ventures. Price ↘ -3.99% in 5 minutes

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2022.01.24 17:40 BroMandi [Costco Wholesale] Onkyo TX-NR6050 in stock at Costco.com $499.99

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2022.01.24 17:40 randombs664 Blown up, all stuff is now gone

Hello. I was recently doing some mining with end crystals, and i ended up getting blown up by the crystals. I died, but don’t think much if it because I knew exactly where I was. I went back to the spot where I died, and all of my stuff was gone, save for the blocks that I mined. Is this intentional, or is the game just bugging out? Thankd
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2022.01.24 17:40 gac1208 I’m over in Germany but want to watch Daytona Speedweeks

Living in Germany right now, but want to watch Speedweeks (which is ironic because my parents live 10 mins from DIS), but what’s the best way to stream? I can run a VPN if need be. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 17:40 Ok-Routine7856 Melhor server de porn do discord!

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2022.01.24 17:40 BlueChairss Lets pass some time until 8th: What class are you going to main and why?

Making this thread to pass the time and get a lot of opinions, experiences and preferences from y’all who played the game either on Ru/Korean or the Beta :)
I can’t decide but I think I may go with Artillerist or Shadowhunter.
Artillerist because I love his fat af gun and Shadowhunter because I like her aesthetics, her blades, her skills and demonic form looks absolutely fun as hell
What about y’all?
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2022.01.24 17:40 ConferenceKind8206 January SRM Exam Results Date

Does anyone know the day when the January SRM results will be released? I know it'll be around 8 weeks from the last day of the sitting, but I was curious if anyone knew the exact date since they haven't posted it yet
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2022.01.24 17:40 Swe3t- If I change my password, can I then verify my number?

So, for a very long time, I have had the problem of not being able to verify my phone number (I presume it’s because the phone number is stuck on a deleted account) on discord to get into servers with the highest protection. If I change my password, does this “change” my number?
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2022.01.24 17:40 SaltyEdge3000 I don’t have any team mates for a challenge I have to do, anyone fancy a game to help me out?

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2022.01.24 17:40 casett244 Both me and Shrek are very surprised!

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2022.01.24 17:40 procryptoclass Following CFTC settlement, prediction platform Polymarket geoblocks trades in the US

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2022.01.24 17:40 Such-Smell-501 Lfg high pop official ps

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2022.01.24 17:40 99OG121314 Pizza delivery for my family

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2022.01.24 17:40 Agile_Statement_6593 Mando fototeta

Mando fototeta
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2022.01.24 17:40 Ultimate-kars1 It might

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2022.01.24 17:40 wack0jak0 I Love You Always Forever [Donna Lewis Cover]

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2022.01.24 17:40 MichaelTheMage Encanto Facemasks 😁💕

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2022.01.24 17:40 Quirky-Salad Jan 25: Free drive-thru COVID tests at Mizzou North 10am - 6pm

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2022.01.24 17:40 Skvvarez FREE Mint for ALL!

FREE Mint for ALL!
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2022.01.24 17:40 Draco546 After Victoriad

What do you think will happen after Victoriad? Arthur identity with most likely be revealed there. So will he return back to Dicathen or dive deeper into the relic tombs.
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2022.01.24 17:39 CanaKagan Am I the only one that just puts in a chunk at -50% ATH point , cashes in at 100% return point, and doesn't even consider anything else?

I know there's some serious money to be made in finding altcoins before they moon, using leverage to bet on the direction of the market, or just plain manipulating the market.
But since I got into crypto a couple years back, I've just been lazily putting a chunk of cash when different top 25 coins go half of their ATH and just taking the original amount invested out when it doubles (fees included).
It's slow considering other methods and doesn't get you as much return because you potentially take out half of what could be a still be mooning coin, but I just feel more comfortable knowing I'm not loosing anything, other than my time.
Just checking in here once in a while, it's like we've hit Mad Max levels of societal decline or something. Or is it just that folks are exaggerating for the Moon returns?
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2022.01.24 17:39 PilotBurt21 01/24/2022 PilotBurt joins the community

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